How to Run Session

This session is made up of a combination of running coaching and clinic based assessment. This session will help you to enjoy pain free running. It covers;


  • How to warm up and cool down
  • Video analysis of your running technique
  • Running technique correction drills
  • Clinic sessions to determine if you have any problems with a lack of flexibility or strength in running important muscles
  • Injury prevention exercises
  • Running specific stretching
  • Training advice


Event Preparation for Road and Fell Runners


A bespoke progressive training plan is provided to enable optimal preparation for whatever event you are planning to undertake. Weekly training plans are provided based upon your feedback. You are also eligible for discounted therapy sessions.


General Coaching for Road and Fell Runners


A bespoke progressive training plan is provided to meet your goals. The service can be tailored to your specific requirements.


Track Athletes Coaching


The coaching service offered is comprehensive and individualised and is based upon information obtained during a 2-3 hour initial interview and testing session. The assessment is made up of following items;


Initial Assessment – detailed questionnaire about your past training, performance level and injury record.


Goal Setting - identification of your goals, agreement of the way forward to meet reasonable goals.


Functional movement analysis – analysis of sport specific movements to determine muscle imbalances (strength, recruitment or flexibility). Corrective programme implemented if required.


Core stability assessment – poor core stability is a major cause of injuries and reduced performance. Weak areas will be identified and corrective programme initiated.


Assessment of current strength training undertaken – the exercise undertaken and the loads lifted will be examined to determine their specificity to you event. New physiologically and biomechanical specific programme will be set if required.


Functional warm up routine – design of warm up routine to reduce injury and improve performance.


Running technique assessment – assessment of your running technique during non-fatigued and fatigued running. Programme to correct errors identified.


Testing of flexibility, power, endurance and speed – a range of tests are used to monitor training and to assess your needs.


Recovery techniques – stretching and nutritional advise to ensure optimal recovery from training.


Once the above information has been obtained a bespoke training programme can be agreed. Your training sessions can be with the existing athletics-coach squad, or on your own either supervised and not supervised. You are also eligible for discounted therapy sessions.



Sprints/Speed Coaching for Team Sport Athletes


We can improve acceleration, agility and maximum speed for any sport using the experience gained from coaching several 10 second 100 metres sprinters. Individual and group coaching is available. 



Fitness Training/Fitness Coach for Team Sports


Develop your fitness to levels you did not think were possible. The sport of athletics requires that athletes develop their speed, endurance and power to maximum values, these training principles can be applied to athletes in any sport. Individual and group coaching is available. 


Please contact us to see if we can help you. Call 07980 368163 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.